Born in Mysore India moved to America went to school for computer science got Bored helped a friend in the darkroom fell in love with Photography worked day and night to learn it all took things a bit seriously got out of College to no job Enlisted in the United States Air Force assigned to an Elite flight squad at Edwards Air Force Base Photographed the Shuttle the B1 bomber the F15 fighter got Scared threw up many times in the cockpit lost a few Friends got out worked in a Photographic lab in Los Angeles Packed up the Cameras and went to India hooked up with Director David Lean Worked on His Movies as an Assistant Director got a couple of lucky Breaks moved back to New York City started to Shoot Fashion Catalogs Got Married had A couple of Kids bought a house in Woodstock Life Is good I love what I do 

One Man Shows: 

Museum Of Modern Art, New Orleans 

Space Untitled, New York City 

Tyler Art Gallery, University Of New York